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Authentic Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do exclusively taught by L.A.'s 

certified instructor under Jerry Poteet.

Learn from a True 2nd Generation Bruce Lee Instructor.


Understand the philosophic and physical impetus, development, and evolution of Jeet Kune Do. Learn the methods, thought process, and skills as developed by Bruce Lee - economy of motion, sensitivity training, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, footwork, trapping, takedowns, takedown defense, and the ranges of combat. Discover how all combat ultimately fits into Bruce's "5 Ways of Attack"

Embrace the combat, philosophy, physical training and conditioning, health, and the all encompassing art of JKD. 


The scientific aspects and principles at the fundamental core of Jeet Kune Do - The Essence, leading one to the "Open End" of true combat, where anything that works, goes. 

Jeet Kune Do, as taught by Bruce, was NOT a "mixture of arts". Study what works in a fight, build yourself up, and make it your own! 

Flexible private and group schedules
Safe, Supportive, and "Fun, but Serious"


Learn from the unequivocal hierarch of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Self Exploration, Expression, Freedom

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