April 2002

Eric Carr

Los Angeles native Eric Carr has lived a life immersed in the art and philosophy of martial arts. Trained in classical kung fu and Wing Chun at an early age, his gift and passion for the martial arts and spiritual studies led Eric to the fateful meeting of Sifu Jerry Poteet in 2001. Eric started his Jeet Kune Do training privately with Sifu Poteet, one among the Elite 5 students of the legendary martial artist  and philosopher Bruce Lee. During the "Los Angeles Chinatown Era” Sifu Poteet trained at the famed school in Los Angeles Chinatown as well as privately in Bruce’s home where the two became close friends. Jerry Poteet has passed on one of the most revered art forms to Eric, untainted in form and philosophy. Just as he learned, Eric teaches the art of Jeet Kune Do exacting upon the teachings of Bruce Lee.


Martial imminence and philosophical passions led Eric to the Taoist monasteries in mainland China and he continues to exercise Taoist Qi Gong, traditional Tai Chi, Taoist Feng Shui and studies Chinese medicine with a Taoist priest and physician. Eric speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and German.


Eric's teachings are based on his dedication to the most influential and inspirational Bruce Lee, his teacher Jerry Poteet, and all martial arts. The privilege of having trained with Sifu Poteet in learning the most intimate knowledge of Jeet Kune Do makes Eric Carr a sanctioned living progeny.


Private one on one adult and kids training, group lessons and seminars.

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